Packaging in cardboard banks (tubes)

Фасовка продуктов в картонные банки

After the production of granular products (sugar, cream powder, and many other things) the packaging into cans (tubes) of cardboard is carried out. It is performed by specialized factories that use a reliable automatic equipment, which provides high speed of work. You can order these services in the company "Copacker Agro", whose prices and examination attract many customers. We perform efficiently the packaging of products in any quantity, meeting the deadlines. You can place your order over the phone.

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Where such packaging is used

For packaging sea salt, cane sugar, chicory, dried cream and other granular products is used automatic packaging line.

Line capacity is up to 20 tons per day. Tubes from composite materials or plastic are used as containers. The top cover can be also performed with the function of dispenser or mill.

For hermetical packing of the product there used tubes with an open bottom and a membrane from aluminium foil under the top cover. The product is packaged through the open bottom, after which it is tightly rolled with a tin lid.

The stages of packaging products in cans

The packing process of food products represents an important range of activities that require the use of reliable packing materials and equipment. Packaging in cans consists of the following stages:

All works are fairly simple, but limiting precision and accuracy are important. The availability of modern technical equipment allows packing significant amounts of products very quickly.
"Copacker agro" has an eleven-year experience in this field and is the market leader in Russian Federation. The production site is certified according to standards ISO9001 ISO22000 FSSC22000