Filling and primary packaging are important production processes. It involves the use of reliable and high quality packing materials, and modern technical equipment, allowing to carry out all operations quickly and qualitatively. The company "Copacker Agro”, which many companies cooperate with on a regular basis, offers packing services and packaging at the reasonable price. Call our office to clarify all questions.

Our services

Video of packaging and packing

Main directions:


Dosing of single and loose goods in following types of packets:

  • "Pillow bag"
  • "Pillow bag with bottom"
  • Sachet/Pouch
  • Carton boxes
  • Tubes

Packing services

Main directions:
  • In a transparent film

  • In a printed film

  • In shrink wrap

  • In a flow pack

  • In a cardboard box

  • In a thermo-shrink wrap

  • In a show-box
  • followed by an application of an information label.

Labeling services

We offer all the main types of product marking:

  • label;
  • leaflet
  • marker;
  • tag;
  • tape;

    Ways of marking:

  • A sticker with a barcode;
  • An ink-jet printer;
  • A thermal transfer printer.

Why are we trusted:

  1. More than 10 years of stable work on the market of services for packing and packaging of goods;
  2. A favorable atmosphere for the development of any kind of cooperation;
  3. Copacking is our main and single business;
  4. Complete privacy;
  5. Professional team;
  6. A wide range of modern equipment gives a high level of flexibility of production.

The steps of products packaging process.

Delivery of products is carried out after packing, taking into account the relevant norms and standards. Today, you can order the services of packaging products in specialized firms that perform processes in the following sequence:

  • cleaning – is carried out for cereal and leguminous crops, provides the removal of impurities and illiquid grains;
  • hydrothermal processing-steaming, drying and cooling of the product;
  • peeling;
  • polishing and grinding;
  • cleaning and sorting;
  • the distribution in necessary portions and packing.

Each stage is important for the consumer to get high-quality, securely packed products without impurities.






Equipment units

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