Pack of food products

To ensuring the demand for goods and appropriate storage conditions, the packing of food products plays a special role. It is made from different materials: glass, plastic, cardboard, polyethylene and many others. Often, many companies order the services of products packaging and packing in the company "Copacker Agro", which uses modern technical equipment and quality materials. We will offer cooperation on favorable and comfortable conditions for You.

The main areas of activity

Cost of packing

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What packing for food products can be

Packing materials for food must satisfy the sanitary and hygienic standards and have certificates confirming safety for human health. Food packing is divided into the following types:

  • soft - polymeric, fabric and paper materials, that differ in reliability of sealing and low cost;
  • hard – metal containers, wooden, glass and polymers;
  • flatible – suitable for pastes, granular and liquid products;
  • gas-expanded materials- cans, containers, etc.;
  • composite packing is made of several materials: paper, polymers and other, depending on the specific products.