Packaging in bags

Beautiful and durable packing of products is a guarantee for preserving their flavor and aromatic properties, and a key to a long-term storage. The products may have a different configuration and design, starting from standard transparencies to a packing with color print and factory markings.

Packaging in bags has the following advantages:

Clarify the cost of the packing

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Different types of bags

упаковка гренок в пакеты упаковка конфет услуги фасовки орехов кукурузные палочки в пакете сладости в пакетах упаковка миндаля варианты пакетов для упаковки

Our main advantages

A sachet Flow-pack, made from rolled thermosealing tape, is used for packing a wide range of food in the most economical and therefore the most common type of packing.

During packing process also can be used transparencies and tapes with design.

Our machines are equipped with weighing fluid or a screw doser. The choice of doser type is based on the type of filing product.

The Advantages of packaging into Flow-pack bags: