Packaging and packing of granular products

Specialized firms, using reliable equipment, must perform the packing process of food products. The company "Copacker Agro" provides long term services for packaging of granular products (flour, sugar, coffee, cereals and other) at a reasonable prices. We use modern automatic lines, so all the processes are done quickly and accurately. To order the services and clarify all the issues contact us over the phone.

We provide packaging of such products

Cost of packing services

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ОFeatures of granular products packaging

Packaging of products is an important complex of activities that require the use of special equipment, ensuring accuracy and high speed of performance of work. Packing of granular products differs by the following features:

  • packaging provides the use of the dispenser that provides dosing by weight or volume;
  • the devices offer high performance;
  • all products must have appropriate hygienic certificates;
  • a strong packing solution is used and it offers a high quality and provides protection of products;
  • the equipment has a simplicity in management.