Pack in sachets

Упаковка сыпучих продуктов в саше - пакеты

For spices, sugar, coffee, cereals for fast cooking and other granular products the packing is done in a sachet-packs – flat, three or four seams bags, which can be different sizes. The company «Copacker Agro», which has modern technical equipment, offers this service, at the reasonable price. We promptly provide the packing of the products and therefore many companies contact us. The cost of our services is much lower than the costs that a customer will incur when starting its own production site, because the fixed costs of production and administration at co-packer are distributed evenly among all clients, and in case of own production fixed costs are the entire costs of the owner of the trademark or brand. It is called a SYNERGY of co-packing

Clarify the cost of packing in sachets

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Interesting information about the process of packing in sachet

For packing granular products in sachets in portions of 3 or 4 seam packets we use high speed automatic lines, manufactured in the USA and Spain.

автоматическая линия для упаковки продуктов в саше пакеты

Production capacity of one line is up to 1000 sachets per minute or over 1 million packets per day (LLC "Copacker Agro" - the only company in Eastern Europe, which has the equipment with such a high performance).

процесс упаковки в саше пакеты

Each line is equipped with 3 different dispensers that allows you to dose different ingredients into each pack, without pre-mixing and achieve high stability in proportions of the dosing components.

Type of packing materials – laminated paper, multilayer polymeric tape and composite materials.

The size of the pack: from 55mm to 150mm width and to 250mm height, depending on the equipment and the using materials.

 Packs can be packed in bags, cardboard boxes, show-boxes or corrugated boxes.