Not only on the safety of products depends on the quality and ease of packing during transportation and storage, but also the level of sales of these products. It is a kind of a business card of the product, because it creates the first impression of the company-manufacturer. That is why it is important to choose an optimal way of packaging, which will take into account the specific characteristics of a certain product and demonstrate its best side. Promo-copacking is a great marketing ploy, it contributes the promotion of a new product and allows to increase the volume of purchases of existing ones.

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Examples of completed works

упаковка кофе филе для кошек корм для кошек упаковка сухого корма картонная упаковка упаковка несквика вакуумная упаковка упаковка нескафе с шоколадкой мягкий корм для кошек упаковка кофе филе для кошек

The advantages of copacking

Promo-copacking must have the following characteristics:

This service is in demand among companies, which do not want or do not have a possibility to carry out the packing of the products on their own. As a result you get the product fully ready for transportation, storage and sale, as well as the solution of the following marketing tasks:

Our customers can count on promotional co-packing with such advantages: